Audi VW Group diagnostics
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These are some of the services we can offer:

Reset all service indicators (including 2010 and later Audi and VW)
Read out live data of all your car's sensors
Read and clear all fault codes
Covers all modules including airbag, ABS, engine, gearbox, central locking
Retract the handbrake for rear brake pad change – Electronic parking brake systems
Rear brake servo replacement
ABS light reset
Throttle body adaptions
DPF regeneration
ABS Bleeding
Full long coding
Output tests
TDI timing Graph
Security access
Freeze frame data
Electric windows
Key coding
Tow bar coding
Turning on LED at coming/leaving home - dependent on if you have light/rain sensors installed
Adjusting DRL LED brightness - Default is only 9%
Turning on Fog Light cornering lights
Unlock MMI hidden menu on MMI 2G and 3G
Adaptation Saving (changing of locking, lights and horn behaviour)
Opening and closing window using car alarm remote
Activate retrofitted DRL LED lights
Automatic turn on headlights permanently
Activate door warning lights
Activate Footwell lights
Activate Underdoor lights
Activate DLR for rear lamp lights during the day
Remove the chrome sound for seat belt
Handbrake release without seat belt
Activate rain sensors
Removing SatNav DVD factory locked - eject button to work
Activate automatic door locking over 10mph
Activate automatic door unlocking single or multi door when key removed
Activate retrofitted Sat Nav
Activate Folding door mirrors
Dial Sweep/Needle Sweep at engine start up
Changing the stereo start up logo to S-Line or RS
Activate chirping/horn (dependent on car make) when unlocking/locking car
Restart of airbag lights
Removing the Service Due error lights
Audi Passenger Door Tilt on Reverse
Activate Activating Tyre Monitoring Pressure System TPMS
Activate Battery Meter on the MMI
Activate anything which you have retrofitted yourself
On some diesel models, a forced regeneration of the DPF is possible

Please note: some features are model specific and may not be available on your vehicle.

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